Key Personnel

Lars Thorell

Chief Executive Officer
Lars Thorell is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Aeternum Asset Management, and oversees all management and strategic decisions. Prior to founding Aeternum he was Vice President at one of the major Swiss Private Banks, focusing on institutional clients and operating with a global mandate. Lars has been in the asset management business since the early 90’s.

Fernando Nuzzo

Chief Operations Officer and Chief Investment Officer

Fernando Nuzzo is co-founder, Chief Operations Officer and Chief Investment Officer of Aeternum Asset Management. At Aeternum Fernando manages the diverse investment ideas within each discipline to provide a steady balance of risk and reward. Fernando, a trained CPA and analyst, has been active in the hedge fund and private equity business.   He has also held governmental appointments both in Italy and within the European Community.

Dr. Marco S. Marty

General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer
Marco Marty is co-founder, General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer of Aeternum Asset Management. He is responsible for supervising all administrative functions as well as being in charge of the internal control and communication with the company’s regulatory organization. Marco is a specialist in the fields of banking and financial market law, and he is a former general counsel for one of the independent and exclusive Swiss Private Banks.

Danny Huizink

Director, Asia

Danny Huizink is director of Asia and based in Hong Kong. With an extensive background and specialist knowledge within finance and administration Danny is responsible for the Asian operations within Aeternum Asset Management. For more than a decade Danny was CFO and regional manager for SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) in Asia and Pacific.