Wealth Management


Aeternum own neither a bank nor the products. We are allowed to listen carefully to the needs of our clients and by analyzing each individual risk profile we are able to create bespoke tailoring where you as a client are always in control. Our Wealth Management services are dedicated to select qualified investors, high net worth individuals and family offices in the form of either managed accounts or as advisory mandates.


With the objective of protecting and increasing the real wealth of our clients, and achieving superior results, we use all aspects of our asset management expertise. Global investments are based on specialists’ skills either from outside sources or in-house knowledge spanning over alternative investments, private equity, real estate, commodities and fixed income.


Our clients are offered fully independent wealth management from CHF 2.000.000 (or equivalent). Security, transparency and liquidity are the pillars of our foundation, as are the principles that we adhere to when we accept the responsibility of handling your assets.
Our strategy focuses on striking the perfect balance between the results our clients want to achieve and the risks they are prepared to take. Doors will be opened on your behalf to a global network to help meet the challenge of your unique requirements.
We invest with you and for you – in Aeternum.